Google Account Disabled: My Google Account is Disabled What Do I Do

Google Account Disabled

google account disabled

Most Google user have now or later faced this issue like my Google account is disabled what do I do, disabled Google account recovery or Google account disabled due to suspicious activity. At that time, they search on Google how to fix a disabled Google account. Now, you don't worry today. I will show how to enable a disabled google account within 24 to 48 hours.

30 out of 100 google users have to face the problem of the Google Account disabled. Before guiding you now we first know about why this type facing the problem. 

Why Google Accounts are Disabled

If you do wrong activities while Google guideline is not accepted then Google disabled your Google account. They have full authority for suspending or temporarily disabled your account. For more info about Google terms and policy please visit here - Google Terms and Policy.

Here are 8 reasons why your Google account is disabled. Not all but some product/service affect these reasons.

  1. Use of multiple accounts for abuse
  2. Terrorist content
  3. Malware, phishing & other harmful activities
  4. Account hijacking or hacking
  5. Spamming
  6. Child exploitation
  7. Automatic calls or messages
  8. Breaking product policies

1.             Use of multiple accounts for abuse
Don't create use multiple accounts
Don't use any bots to create fake accounts.
You can use 2 accounts it’s enough like 1st person account and 2nd work account.

2.                  Terrorist content
Don’t use the google account for terrorist activity or promote any terrorist content. If you are using this type content absolutely google suspend your account.

3.                  Malware, phishing & other harmful activities
Don't use google service for sending harmful software, unwanted Document or code. Don’t Take any personal information for share it.

4.                  Account hijacking or hacking
Don’t access any other account without account owner permission and don’t hack.

5.                  Spamming
Don’t use google service for spamming activities like unwanted content, Spam photo, comments, reviews, emails etc.

 6.                  Child exploitation
Google has full authority to remove your content if your content about child exploitation.

7.                  Automatic calls or messages
Don’t use robot dialing, computerized service for an automatic call or send messages.

8.                  Breaking product policies
Follow some google guideline for some product own codes of conduct or terms of service. Click here Why Google account is disabled for more Deep information.

How to Fix A Disabled Google Account When My Google Account Disabled.

Well Friends now we discuss how to enable a disabled google account within 24 to 48 hours. actually google accounts are usually disabled because google detects a policy violation. If you are not use any harmful bad activities then you can request access to it again. Here google Request form for restore your Google Account click here.

Follow 5 Easy Steps.

  1. Select Yes.
  2. Enter Gmail id which you want to enable.
  3. Enter Gmail Id where you can currently get emails.
  4. Enter the short description about enabling google account.
  5. Finally, Click the submit button.

gmail account enable form

No 4-short description here. only fill in the blank and copy paste on google request to restore your google account form.

My .....( put your disable Gmail id)............ account has been stopped. I have so many important emails in my account. Please activate my Gmail account. I really don’t know, which bad thing has stopped my ........( put your disable Gmail id ).......... So please activate it

Now you wait for minimum 24 hr to maximum 48 hours. If your google account does not hurt Google policy. Then you will be assured that your account will be opened.

Watch This Video

You Can Also Watch This Video: How to Recover Disabled Google Account/Temporarily Disabled With Proof 100% Working.

Now I hope now you will be understanding how to enable disabled google account.

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