What is a Computer Virus and Types of Virus, How to Avoid it?

How to Protect Your Computer From Virus
How to Protect Your Computer From Virus
In this article, we will talk about some issues related to computer virus such as.

1. What is a Computer Virus?
2. How do computer viruses spread and in what ways do they affect computers
3. Types of computer virus and definition each type
4. List of computer viruses and worms
5. How to protect your computer from virus

By the way, many people who know how to run computers will be familiar with the word computer virus. But if you do not know then today you can learn a lot about computer viruses. You just have to read this article from the beginning to the end.

What is Computer Virus

Different software is needed to run the computer. This software is programs that are made up of coding. With the help of this software, we work on the computer. There is a special kind of software for every special purpose.

Similarly, the computer virus is also a small software program that is created by Coding. By the way, the virus means the virus in Hindi. But in computer language, VIRUS's full form is "Vital Information Resources Under Siege".

Just as the virus enters the human body and makes it sick, so computer viruses enter the computer and affect its functioning.

How Do Computer Viruses Spread and in What Ways Do They Affect Computers.

It enters the computer and deletes all its files or data or spoils them. The virus remains active until the program is run on the computer.

As soon as a program gets RUN in the computer, the virus becomes active and starts to add itself to the memory of the computer and at the sight of it destroys all the data on the whole computer.

Types of Computer Virus and Definition Each Type.

Humans have created computers and all its software. Who is called a Software Developer in Computer Language? Likewise, computer viruses are also made by developers, but they are people who want to steal data from others 'computers or else want to destroy the data recorded in others' computers.

The first computer-virus creeper was discovered at Arpanet in the early 1970s. What is Arpanet?

ARPANET is the world's first packet switching and network built using IP / TCP (Internet Protocol / Transmission Control Protocol). Arpanet is considered the world's first Internet network in Internet history.

List of Computer Viruses and Worms

List of Computer Virus
List of Computer Virus 
Nowadays, computer viruses are distributed in 6 broad categories or types-

6 Types of Computer Virus

1.   Boot Sector Virus
2.   File Infection Virus
3.   Multipartite Virus
4.   Network Virus
5.   E-mail Virus
6.   Macro Virus

# 1). Boot Sector Virus

Boot sector viruses attack the boot sector directly on the hard drive and infected the critical components of the boot process. The boot sector of any hard drive contains some important information that governs the hard drive and some parts of the operating system.

The purpose of such a virus is to successfully load the system memory when the boot process is started.

#2). File Infection Virus

File virus is a special type of coded virus which exe it. Files connect to a zip file such as the compressed file.

As soon as the program starts it becomes set. From there it spreads to other files and programs. This virus duplicates itself first and then starts its desired mission.

This virus goes to the computer through a computer program and until they get the program for which they are written it is DeActive and when the program is run, these viruses become active.

# 3). Multipartite Virus

These are both viruses, file viruses, and boot sector viruses. Such viruses spread through different types of media. After embedded in the system memory, these viruses make their way onto the hard drive and in the end infect the boot sector.

These viruses spread to executable files for the boot sector and infect the whole system. This type of computer virus was responsible for many systems crashes in the past due to its dual characteristics, i.e. file viruses and boot sector viruses.

# 4). Network Virus

Network viruses are created specifically for the network. This virus spreads over the local area network and ultimately on the Internet, but in most cases, this virus spreads within the folder and drive.

# 5). E-mail Virus

This macro is known as a virus. The e-mail virus is capable of filling itself with e-mail. A suitable example of this virus is the I LOVE YOU virus that was a very destructive virus all over the world. This is the reason that the user is advised not to open the unknown mail.

# 6). Macro Virus

A macro virus is the most common form of computer virus that infects programs that use macros in the program.

For example, the most appropriate example of a program using macros is Microsoft Office, where files are made in Word document, Excel spreadsheets, Access database, PowerPoint.

Macro viruses came in 1995 and earlier viruses infected Microsoft Word files, macro viruses are found in large numbers. Macro Virus has also become an important type of computer virus. It is important to be cautious and careful about these computer viruses because they can seriously damage your system.

Due to these viruses, you may lose important data. Use caution when opening suspicious files.

How Do You Get Viruses on Your Computer

# 1). Email Attachments

Most viruses spread through email. Email Attachments is a file that is sent along with email. An email may contain an infected file attachment.

If the user opens it and downloads email attachments, then the virus can spread. When it is active it can harm the computer. It can destroy files on the hard disk. Can send automated viruses to all email addresses of email-address book

#2). Network

An infected computer can spread viruses when connected to another computer or network. The Internet is an example of such a network.

When a user downloads the infected file to the virus from the Internet, the virus gets copied to the computer. Store it on computer
Can infect files.

# 3). Infected Flash Drives or Disks

Flash drives and discs are the main reasons for spreading viruses. Flash drives and disks are used to transfer data from one computer to another.

When a user copies infected files using flash drives and disks, then a virus gets copied from one computer to another at that time.

# 4). Pirated Software

An illegal copy of the software is called pirated software. The virus can spread if the user installs virus-based pirated software.

Different types of Pirated Software are available from CD and Internet. Some companies intentionally add viruses to the software. The virus automatically activates if the user uses the software without purchasing the license.

# 5). Infected Pornography Websites

Thousands of unsafe websites can infect a computer with a virus. Most of the porn websites are infected, so the user's computer also gets infected with the virus by visiting these websites.

These websites have been developed to spread viruses or other unethical content. When this content is downloaded, the virus is transferred to the user's computer.

What Harm Can Viruses Do to Your Computer?

How to Avoid Computer Virus
When the virus arrives on the computer, the following effects appear on the computer.

·        The computer starts to hang.
·        Speed Slow is done.
·        Files / Folders may be destroyed.
·        There may be a problem with computer booting.
·        Electricity consumption can be high.
·        Pop-up windows start opening.

How to Protect Your Computer from Virus, Hackers and All Malware?

1.  If you download any file from the Internet, keep in mind that the site is good.
2.  Whenever a mobile, pane drive or other device is added to the computer, first check that it is not infected with the virus.
3.  Be careful when opening your email. Do not open spam emails.
4.  Always put a good anti-virus on the computer.
5.  Keep your computer system back-up from time to time.

Hope you enjoy this information. If you have any questions about this, then you can ask by commenting in the comment box and you can share the information about these viruses with your friends, by sharing this article on social media.
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