20 Reasons Why Is Your Website Search Ranking and Traffic Down 2019

 20 Reasons Why Is Your Website Search Ranking and Traffic Down
20 Reasons Why Your Website Traffic Is Down

The Google search engine of any website or blog is a traffic source. In today's technical and online environments, there is a way to get search traffic to your site. Therefore, if the site has a search ranking and traffic decree then its earnings are down and too much, so we will talk about why your website Is Search Ranking and Traffic Down 2019.

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Everyone wants to encroach in their business, and to get Google Traffic is the Important and Major Sources, so getting the top ranking in Google search results is very important for site access.

Boosting Google Search Rankings requires setting up your site correctly and optimizing search optimization. Webmasters also take these tasks and even rank their site.

But even when the site's search engine rank drops, it does not even know Reason because of which it is very difficult to get out of its place and to recover the site search ranking search ranking.

If you find out the reasons for the website search rankings being down, then you can easily fix it and recover your site's organic traffic. There are many reasons for website search ranking and traffic down. Here we are telling you 20 Reasons Why Your Search Ranking & Traffic Might Drop.

20 Common Reasons Your Website Traffic Is Dropping.

Due to the website search ranking down here, your site's ranking is down, you can fix them and then bring the site back to Google. Reasons for Website Traffic Down 2019.

1. Tracking the Wrong Ranking.

An important reason for your site ranking decreasing is that you are tracking the wrong ranking. Maybe you have used the keywords that are not relevant to your site.

Google does not like sites that have specific health and are writing content about cricket.

2. Lost Links

Backlinks are not always there; site owners can even remove links to your site. When you lose backlinks created for your site, then your site's search rankings are also down.

You can find out how much you have lost in the last 90 days by using researching tools such as Mojestic or Ahrefs.

3. Broken Redirections

When you launch a new website or if you migrate the old site to a new server, then you have to set it up. So that the site has to do www and https redirection if your site does not have 301 redirections for www or https, then your site's search ranking may be decreased.

301 Redirection Time You should also confirm that sitemap, canonical tag and links are working on your site.

4. Manual Actions

If you see a severe drop in your website's traffic and search rankings. One reason for this is that if your site is top ranked in Bing, Yahoo and other search engines and not on Google, then Google means penalize your site.

Google tells you about it in the manual action option in the search console. You can see it from yourself and see why Google has penalized your website.

5. Algorithm Changes

Google always explores ways to improve strategies and search results by making changes in their search algorithms.

These algorithm changes from Google have many websites and blogs, and their search rankings are down. To avoid Google's algorithmic updates, you're up to date all the time.

6. Geolocation Discrepancies

Google displays the results according to user activity and location. Your site will be different depending on the search ranking and location where the search has been done.

For the example, if any article on your site is ranked in the top 10 for a specific keyword or phrase, 67% of other locations will not include your site's search ranking.

7. Google Natural Changes

Google does a random result show and according to the user's behaviours, the results in the search result show the results.

You may have also noticed when your site is not ranking for a keyword. Or your page is in 2-3 pages but after searching some time, your site's page comes in the top 10 from the same keyword.

8. Other Websites Competition

It may also be that you are doing everything right, yet your site's search ranking and organic traffic are down.

This is due to Competition. When your competitor gets too much or works better than you, your site's search rank is down. Monitor your competitor social media activity, link building and content quality.

9. Page Speed

How much are your site's pages, it not only improves your site's search ranking but also provides a better user experience for your site visitors.

Most users leave the site when the user's site loads slowly. By which the site bounces more and Google search rankings decrease.

10. Server Issue

If your website server encountered problems, such as repeatedly caching servers or breaking any other problem.

It is necessary that you fix the server issue efficiently and live the site. It is also important that you use the best and SEO-friendly hosting server whose uptime is better.

11. Click Through Rate Changes

Google also investigate how much satisfied the visitors are of the content of your site and how much time they pay to read the content of your site, how much time they spend on your site.

From this, the bounce rate is rises high and if your site's bounce rate is higher or was higher and now it is more then it may be the reason of search ranking down.

There are also other reasons for clicking through rate drops, such as slowness of sites or many pop ups etc.

12. Bad Quality Link Penalty

If you create spammy, risky and paid linking, then also Google can penalize your site and remove it from the search result or it can rank down the site. Google clearly states that make quality backlinks and follow the search guidelines and webmaster guidelines.

13. Website Changes & Redesign

When you try to change something in your website or changing design then also your site’s google rank and traffic can be decreased.

While we change our website, theme and redesign it. We do some mistakes and the site doesn’t work properly as before. Example-redirection, permalinks, mark up, SEO settings etc.

14. Over Optimization

It's important to have SEO of site to get a website top rank in Google. We can make your site search engine optimization correctly and bring it to the top rank in Google.

But many times, we do over-optimization while doing SEO optimization. Due to which Google penalizes our site and its rank falls down.

15. Simple Technical SEP Issue

If the website also has technical SEO errors, then it falls the site search ranking in google. Technical SEO decides how the search engine crawls and indexes your site's content.

Spam link building, structure data mark up, poor navigation or site won’t be fully search-friendly, bad redirections, broken links, messy URLs, slow page loading speed. These are all technical issues that should be fixed.

16. Meta Information

The meta tags and title tags are used to tell search engines about the information provided in your articles. So, it should be avoided to make mistakes in meta information on your site. Because if your Meta information is not correct, then your site's search ranking may be down.

For example, if you change the date of any page and post on your site, then also change it in the meta description and don't use duplicate meta description or duplicate title tag.

17. Server Overload

However, if the server of your site is not ready for more traffic and suddenly site traffic increases due to which your site’s server gets overloaded and crashed so this can also be the reason of 1 down of the site’s google rank.

A kind of server should be used that can handle high traffic and on which there won’t be problem of overloading and all the time your site could work properly.

18. Bounce Rate

Website’s bounce rate doesn’t remain same all the time. It keeps on changing either low or high according to your content quality, users satisfying behaviour. You can see this on your google analytics report.

Bounce rate shows how well you are offering content to visitors of the site and how satisfied they are to your content. When the Bounce rate is high, the site search ranking down.

19. Traffic Source

Google also sees that from where traffic comes to your site, means about the traffic source of your site and when traffic comes better on your site than the other sources then the site is also ranked by Google.

Traffic can come from many sources, such as email marketing, referrals, direct traffic, organic search, paid search, social media etc.

20. Duplicate Content

If Anyone domain website has the same content on different locations then a problem of duplicate content appears. But not always this led bad impact on the search ranking.

But when it is done to deliberately manipulate a Google search ranking on a website then Google drops down the search rank of that site.

If you are not doing this knowingly. And on your site, there is more problem of duplicate content then also google decreases your site's search ranking.



These were  20 Reasons Why Is Your Website Search Ranking and Traffic Down. Due to these 20 reasons, the search rank and traffic of a website or blog falls. If your site’s traffic came down without having any of these problems then fix them as soon as possible.

To get the top ranking at the google, the guidelines by Google should be followed rather than using nonsense tips and tricks. The best thing is that you should write a quality content and get satisfied your users. 

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