How To Choose An SEO Company

The search engine marketing market is growing every year.

For a freelancer, this is the same private person with a small promotion budget. Companies, however, work with larger businesses and, thanks to their technical solutions and a large team of specialists, provide better service.

In this article, Licreativetechnologies dwell on such a contractor as an SEO company. Often, it is a company that causes a potential client more confidence and speaks of reliability in such an important matter as website promotion. Due to her resources (diverse specialists, automated solutions, experience, etc.), she will not allow force majeure situations, which are enough in this market, or will react to them in time.

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To find an SEO company that will share your goals and contributes to their achievement, will understand the specifics of the industry and be on the same wavelength with you, it is necessary to better know possible candidates. 

Word of mouth: Pay attention to the recommendations of your friends and acquaintances. As you know, they will not advise bad things, so there will be a priori more confidence in such a trusted contractor.

The information from your friends and acquaintances should pay attention to how the company complies with the terms of cooperation, and what happens if the promised result is not achieved by the due date.

In parallel with the survey of friends, do your research on the SEO market players.

Search: Look for an SEO company in the search engine results, for example, by the query “website promotion”. Companies are fighting for positions in the TOP for this and similar keywords. This is a kind of indicator of the skills of SEO companies: they were able to promote themselves, which means they can promote the client.

Social networks: Here you can find a page or group of a particular SEO company, having studied which, you will not only get to know the corporate culture and the organization’s news (which is important!) But you can also get acquainted with customer reviews (which is even more important !).

You can also look for reviews about the company on the website or the company's blog.

Customers are the next possible selection criterion. So, each company on its website presents a list (full or partial) of current customers. Firstly, the list itself will tell you about which brands this SEO contractor works with. 

And secondly, you can request the contacts of a particular client (or rather a several), contact them and ask questions of interest to you. A company that is confident in its work is likely to provide the contacts of its customers.

Ratings: similar analytical materials will give you a general idea of the current situation in the SEO market. Often, they are based on indicators such as quality of promotion, number of customers and reviews. Such information will allow you to evaluate a potential SEO-company from all sides that are significant to you. 

When analyzing the results of ratings, pay attention to their methodology, as they usually differ and the ranking of companies is based on different criteria. For example, the SEO news rating is formed based on the total points received by companies in previous ratings, such as “SEO companies popularity rating”, “SEO rating through the eyes of customers”.

The SEO agencies listed in the ranking are market leaders. However, you should not rely solely on rating results. Remember that this is only one of the sources of information about potential contractors.

Let's get closer

Based on the points above, you will have about 3-5 SEO companies that you liked. To help you make the final choice, we offer the following algorithm, which will allow you to study in detail a particular contractor. Read the terms of the contract carefully. In a conversation with the manager or representative of the contractor, specify the following points:

How many projects are led by one account manager or SEO specialist? This will give you a clear idea of how much attention will be paid to your project. Now, on average, one specialist leads 30 or more projects in the market. Such a high workload of workers will not give you confidence in the quality of your project. It is better if the specialist will conduct no more than 20 projects.

Are SEO-specialists in the company or work remotely. The following argument speaks in favour of the first option: often the company develops the competencies of its employees, they regularly undergo attestation and certification. It is impossible to guarantee the competencies of freelancers.

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What list of works is provided under the contract?

How will you communicate with the account manager (how accessible is it, through which communication channels), is it possible to hold personal meetings with him and, if necessary, with the top manager of the company.

How often progress reports are provided, and how complete they are. Be sure to clarify this question with a potential contractor, as there are companies on the market that provide the client with a minimum of information on project management, considering extended reporting unnecessary.

For which work specifically and in what order will you pay. Accordingly, how much will you pay and can there be situations when an additional fee is required? What are these situations, how often can they arise? Some companies may charge you extra for line items on Google or for the request to rise above previously agreed line items. 

Specify whether the budget will not change during the promotion process; whether there is a system of returns if the promotion does not reach the goals within the terms established by the contract.

Speaking about the price of promotion, it should be understood that for each site it is determined individually. The final amount may be affected by the state of your site, goals/objectives (what do you expect from promotion), business topics, competitiveness, etc. Also, note that pricing in different SEO companies is based on various algorithms. However, large organizations operate in approximately equal price ranges.

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