How to Contact Facebook Support Team Directly 2020

How to Contact Facebook Support Team

Hello Guys, in this post I'll show you how to Contact Facebook Support Team. So, don't worry, just remember you should just have an active Facebook ad account that has ad spend billed to the account.

I really advise you to create a Facebook Business Manager account, as it will be easier to Facebook customer service chat with a real Facebook representative.

Now, what types of questions can you ask the Facebook Ads Support team?

Facebook Ads Help Center

They categorize into the following sub-categories:

Policy & Account Security

  • There’s unknown activity on my ad account
  • My ad account was disabled
  • My ads are pending review
  • My ads were disapproved
  • View page names allowed on Facebook
  • Use text in my ad images
  • Get a custom username
  • My page was hacked

Billing & Payments

  • Manage my payment method
  • When I pay for ads
  • Change my billing threshold
  • Change my spending limit
  • View my payment history
  • My ad account was double-charged
  • My ad payment failed
  • Manually pay for ads (monthly invoicing)
  • Download an invoice

Business Pages

  • Create a custom username
  • My boosted post is unavailable
  • Change my Page’s name
  • Merge two Pages
  • Request a grey badge for my Page
  • Promote my Page
  • Manage roles for my Page
  • Add an Instagram account to my Page

Ad Management Tools

  • Business Manager roles
  • Give someone access to my ad account
  • Manage my settings, people, and assets (Business Manager)
  • My ad account was disabled
  • Switch between ad account
  • Edit ads in the updated Ads Manager


  • Turn an ad on or off
  • Edit my campaign, ad set, or ad
  • My boost is unavailable
  • Manage boosted posts
  • My ads are pending review
  • My ads were disapproved
  • Use text in my ad images
  • My ads aren’t performing well
  • Use a custom or lookalike audience
  • View video and image specifications

Measure & Improve Results

  • View my results in Ads Manager
  • Measure my boosted posts
  • Improve my pixel’s performance
  • Use a pixel with my third party website
  • My ad reports don’t match up with third-party reporting tools
  • Use Facebook Pixel Helper
  • My ad metrics don’t add up (pun intended!)
  • I can’t see data for my ads

Even if you don’t see your specific issue referenced above, pick the category closest and the Facebook support, these steps can generally steer you in the right direction. 
Facebook Chat Support

I hope you understand my Facebook user. This is the best way to connect with the Facebook team otherwise you can see Facebook help centre or if you want to ask any question you should visit the Facebook community.

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