5 Tips to Optimize Your Web Design for Digital Marketing

Website optimization is one way to improve a site's performance. But if you're not familiar with how to go about it, it can be tricky. Below are some basic tips you can implement.

1. A responsive site

There are a lot of reasons why it's important that a site should be responsive. But it can't hurt to reiterate just how much responsiveness affects the website's SEO ranking. Ever since Google's update on its search engine algorithm, there is virtually no chance that an unresponsive site will ever rank high in the search results.

In order to implement a solid marketing strategy and to get more site visitors, site managers and developers should aim to rank high within organic results and one way to achieve that is by making the website more responsive.

2. Incorporate a blog

Included in Google's algorithm update is taking into account recency when ordering search results. If the site is not active or it receives very rare updates, it can have a drastic effect on your organic search results and SEO rankings. Updating sites with fresh and new content will allow Google to label your site as active. The trick, however, is doing this without adding in meaningless and irrelevant information to your existing pages.

This is where content marketing comes into play. By including a blog to your site, you're able to post articles, pictures, and see why video marketing on your site helps without diluting the information on all your other pages. But keep in mind, your blog content should be relevant and pertains to your brand messaging.

3. Include social media buttons

Social media is becoming more of a necessity than a fun pastime for many people. It's where they turn to shop, get news updates, as well as connect with friends and family. It wouldn't be much of a stretch for websites to make it easier for their visitors to still use their social networking profiles even while on another site.

Adding a social media button allows people to easily share content on their timeline and facilitate engagement. To make sure that you're harnessing the power of social media, make sure you include buttons for all the major social media platforms so you reach more audiences across the web.

4. Space for images and headings

Images and headings, while not as crucial for SEO, can be of great help when you want to make a difference in your search rankings. In designing your website, make sure that there is space for important headings and images within your website. Make sure that you use relevant keywords in your headings. And images you include in your site should have an alt tag that also includes relevant keywords as well as descriptions.

5. Optimize the landing page

If you use PPC advertising or have an ongoing marketing campaign not directly connected to your site, it's very important that you have landing pages. Landing pages serve a crucial role in improving click-through rates, increasing engagement with your audience, and decreasing bounce rates.

Links that you send out as part of your campaign must lead to a landing page that's relevant to that same link. Ensure that your landing page is free of clutter and clearly displays what the link is all about.

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