SEO or Search Engine Optimization is one of the most effective digital marketing strategies to date. Digital marketing agencies, like Ad fluencer, will tell you how SEO can forge your brand forward – provided that you do it with clever tactics and thorough research.

Moreover, SEO is best- suited for all business levels. In fact, this marketing tactic is perfect for ventures and small businesses with a limited budget because SEO is more affordable. Compared to conventional marketing or PPC, SEO is undeniably cheaper. 

And if you want to dip your toes into this lucrative advertising, do these five easy tips to garner more sales with SEO. 

1. Spend more time on keyword research

SEO doesn’t work without keywords. As a matter of fact, keywords are the lifeblood of SEO. It is the conduit between your brand and search engine algorithms. If you’re a marketer, know the ins and outs of keyword research and spend more time on it before starting your content.

There are many ways to do keyword research. The first step is to know which keywords you want to rank more on search engines. You can stalk your competitors to determine this by putting their website on UberSuggest. The app will then show you the keywords they rank for. From there, you can choose the most relevant keywords and think of as many variations of it. 

Use free and paid tools that can provide you ideas of more short-tail and long-tail keywords. Then you can integrate these on your content, website, social media posts, online ads, and more. 

2. Create valuable and relevant content

In the past, search engine algorithms would rank your content if you spam your keywords on it. The outcome isn’t very natural. Now, keyword spamming is considered as black hat SEO. Make sure you use your keywords sparingly a few times on your content. 

But search engines don’t only check keyword volume anymore. Nowadays, algorithms check page authority and domain authority, relevance, quality, and readership. If they see that more people are reading your blogs, it will be flagged as one of the quality content online.

That being said, make sure that you create stellar content that your audience will love. Choose topics that will pique your audience’s interest and your content should offer value and information. 

3. Optimize for mobile

Most people are spending more time on their mobile when they’re browsing the net nowadays. That being said, it’s crucial that you optimize your channels for mobile. If you have pictures on your content, make sure they are less than 100kb so they load faster on mobile. 

Moreover, check your site regularly for mobile-friendliness by using the free Google Mobile-Friendly Test. 

4. Master on-page SEO

Another way your website can rank is if you optimize your on-page SEO. This refers to your H1, H2, H3 tags, meta descriptions, titles, headlines, images, and more. For a more comprehensive guide, check out the blog post on “on-page SEO

5. Advertise on social media channels

One way to expedite your content reach is by advertising your blogs on social media channels. This will also tap your audiences who are always present on socials. Plus, social media has an extensive reach that can boost your online presence, which is also another essential SEO factor.